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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a healing art. Also, "Tai Chi is an art of internal power"
Great Grand Mster Kellen Chia.

A healing art of this ancient practice is a series of continuous, circular, slow, relaxed and smooth flowing movements that has numerous health benefits for people of all ages and health conditions.

Tai Chi is not just a form of physical exercise; Chi, or life energy, is tremendously generated and circulates throughout the body when one adheres to certain theories of movement, specific posture alignment and in one or two of the forms - particular breathing.

Tai Chi improves the circulation of blood and brings about a balance of Chi around the body. Tai Chi opens joints, relaxes muscles, flexes tendons and ligaments, eases tension, strengthens and energizes the organs, resulting in a healthier body and a state of relaxation.

Tai Chi movements are also designed to enhance circulatory systems, to boost the immune systems, to increase vitality, and to develop balance, flexibility and coordination, leading to a harmonious balance of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

How is this achieved in Tai Chi?

In accordance with Chinese traditional medicine, Chi flow and balance are at the root of all health conditions. When the balance of Chi is disrupted, ailments and illness occur. When the balance of Chi is restored, health is re-established.

Tai Chi heals both the body and mind by unblocking, balancing and improving the flow of Chi through the Tai Chi acupuncture energy pathways called meridians which run through every part of the body.

The flow of Chi in children is usually strong because their meridians are open, giving them the vital energy to run around for hours without exhaustion.

When people age, the flow of Chi through the meridians can be impaired by unhealthy lifestyle, physical and mental tensions, poor diet and illness.

Through regular practice of Tai Chi, the flow of Chi through all the acupuncture meridians can be improved and the organs through which the meridians pass are strengthened and energized.

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