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Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient practice, originated in China about seven thousand years ago, for the cultivation of Qi (Chi) or vital energy. Qi/Chi, as in Qigong/Chi kung, which literally means "life energy", is the animating power that permeates the universe and all living things; no life could exist without it. Also, Qi/Chi has the power to heal the body and mind.

Gong means "skill or work". Thus, Qigong means "working with the energy of life", enhancing the Qi/Chi, and learning how to release and balance the flow of Qi/Chi evenly throughout energy pathways called meridians which run through every part of the body. By increasing the Qi/Chi through coordinating movement with breathing, Qigong/Chi Kung improves health and the harmony of mind, body and spirit.

In traditional Chinese medicine, of which Qigong/Chi Kung is an integral part, good health is a result of a free flowing, well balanced vital energy system. Illness and ailments result when vital energy flow is blocked or impeded, causing imbalance and dysfunction in the body's systems.

Qigong/Chi Kung is a system of self-healing exercise that includes movement, healing posture, self-massage, breathing techniques and "Qigong relaxation energy meditation", which produces a greater natural flowing, well balanced Qi/Chi to help the body achieve and maintain better health. It also develops a clear, tranquil state of mind, with deeper self-awareness and harmony with nature.


Qigong/Chi kung is a very beneficial form of exercise for a wide variety of conditions including emotional/psychological issues, musculoskeletal problems, respiratory problems, eating disorders, addictions to narcotic drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sexual difficulties and other medical conditions because Qi/Chi regulates mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical balance.

The benefits of Qigong/Chi Kung are obvious in those who practice it correctly. They feel increased strength and heightened sexuality, their minds and bodies achieving the harmony of true health.

Almost anyone can practice Qigong/Chi Kung. It is easy, enjoyable to do and is performed in a physically and mentally relaxed way.

Now, Great Grand Master Kellen Chia makes the power of Qigong/Chi Kung available to all.

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