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Tai Chi Sydney

Tai Chi & Qigong beginners in Sydney
Bondi Junction
32-48 Denison street
in a courtyard in front of library
7.15 pm

26 Australia street
Camperdown Park

10.15 am

26 Australia street
Camperdown Park

6.00 pm
9 Victor St
6.15 pm
Currey Park
Victor st
11.00 am

25 Edgeworth David Ave
near the corner of Sherbrook Rd

6.15 pm
E Esplanade Park
near Manly wharf
Northmead /
Northmead Primary School
the corner of Moxhams & Kleins rd
7.30 pm
North Sydney
The Amphitheatre in Civic Park
220 Miller st
Next to The Stanton Library
Free parking
5.45 pm
North Sydney
The Amphitheatre in Civic Park
220 Miller st
Next to The Stanton Library
Free parking
10.15 am
North Sydney
The Amphitheatre in Civic Park
220 Miller st
Next to The Stanton Library
Free parking
Parramatta Park
Pitt st & Macquarie st
8.30 am

Belmore Park
Opposite Central train station
Eddy Avenue

5.30 pm
28 Curagul road

Tai Chi Sydney offers Tai Chi and Qigong classes, for novices and beginners, that start regularly at all our Tai Chi branches in Sydney. There is no special equipment to bring -- just wear comfortable clothing and flat-heeled shoes, or socks-only or bare-feet are fine. After completing the beginner level students can continue learning Tai Chi with us all the way to the most advanced level. Tai Chi Sydney also offers Tai Chi and Qigong instructor training, with certification issued to successful students. All of the classes are run by Tai Chi Society.

Tai Chi and Qigong beginners 8 weeks course
Full fee $130
Concession $120
Child 16 and under $110

Ph: 0415 428 318

You are not obliged to join the Tai Chi course when you attend the first of eight lessons ( the first lesson is obligation-free ), but if you want to continue with the course then the first lesson is part of the eight-week course.

You can make up the missed class by going to our other branches on a different night within 7 days.

Corporate and private Tai Chi and Qigong classes available.

Learning aid DVD/USB: Tai Chi DVD/USB & Qigong DVD/USB are available.

For bookings or information:

Phone: 0415 428 318
Tai Chi Online Classes are available

Email: sydney@taichisociety.net

This page is regularly updated for any changes.

University's study in the USA:

According to a university s study in the USA, Tai Chi reshapes the brain, as compared to other traditional exercises. Regular Tai Chi practice showed significantly thicker cortex in the precentral gyrus, insula sulcus and the middle frontal sulcus in the brain's right hemisphere and superior temporal gyrus and medial occipito-temporal sulcus and the lingual sulcus in the left hemisphere. Moreover, the study found that a thicker cortex in the left medial occipito-temporal sulcus and lingual sulcus was associated with greater intensity of Tai Chi practice. These findings indicate that long-term Tai Chi practice can induce beneficial regional structural change.

Tai Chi Society's students' testimonials:

Over the past few years I ve enrolled in other Tai Chi classes and have learned very little.

Fortunately, I found Kellen s class at North Sydney.

Kellen is a professional in every sense of the word. He understands the problems beginners have in navigating the complexities involved in Tai Chi and offers clear and concise explanations to all students.

After completing just 6 classes with Kellen I noticed my arthritic finger on my right hand was feeling a lot better. Previously to Tai Chi, I regularly applied anti-inflammatory cream to the finger to ease the pain.

Also, I notice that my energy levels have increased since I began the lessons.

Don t waste your time and energy searching for Tai Chi classes. You won t find better than Kellen s classes.

Cath Stokes

Hello Grandmaster Kellen,

I used to teach a qigong class 5 days a week to our patients at a mental center for 8 years. But I have been retired in my career since 2015 and no longer teach qigong. I have tried 100 qigong methods since first learning the other Qigong in 2006. Your qigong methods have been one of the most enjoyable to perform.
Steve Mehl
Baltimore, Maryland

Sydney 23rd November 2006

My name is Sam Dyson. After attaining a degree in Engineering from Oxford University in England I have developed an interest in Tai Chi and martial arts. I learnt Tai Chi in London, Sapporo in Japan, and later on in Australia. I furthered the study of Tai Chi at Tai Chi society in Sydney in 2000, and completed an advanced learning and an instructor course in 2004 taught by Great Grand Master Kellen Chia; it was an eye-opening experience Great Grand Master Chia taught me how to perform Tai Chi at the highest level, explaining the body mechanics and the many intricacies involved. In my experience, his expertise is unmatched and his instruction is of the highest quality. Tai Chi, when practiced correctly, is truly remarkable; I am calmed, energized and full of vitality as a result. I am grateful to have been taught by Great Grand Master Kellen Chia.

Sincerely Your s
Sam Dyson

I participated in my first Tai Chi class in August 2004. My instructor the Grand Master Kellen Chia from the Tai Chi Society. I had been thinking about attending Tai Chi classes for quite a long time. Apart from learning a new investment. The lesson began with exercises called Qigong and was followed by Tai Chi. The pace of the lesson was easy to follow and steps repeated until all the participants were comfortable with their interaction with the Leader. 16 years later, I am still participating in Tai Chi classes. At times, during those years I was tempted to stop. At times after a long day at work, on my feet all day, I felt too tired to go to my class. I had to talk myself into attending the class as I always felt relaxed and energised at the end of the session. Now it is 2020 and I am still enjoying my Tai Chi classes. I am grateful that I had faith in my choice of Tai Chi as a wellbeing investment. It has worked for me.

Meredith Collum

Brain tumours and Immortal Ten Qigong

On 8th September, 2015, I suffered a seizure and was admitted to hospital.

Initially the medication caused some interesting side-effects. I had some loss of inhibition, felt energetic in the morning, and exhausted and irritable in the afternoon and evening.

When I had been taking the medication for two days I had an episode of hyperactivity which lasted about 3 hours. I felt like my mind was racing, I couldn't stop giggling, and I was extremely fidgety which made me want to dance. It was a pleasant experience at first, but after 3 hours I was getting very concerned. I decided to practice some Qigong in an attempt to centre my emotional state, and to my surprise, in less than two minutes of practicing Immortal Ten Qigong, my mood swang from high to low. I laid down on my hospital bed and cried for a couple of minutes.

Simon Watt
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I have been attending Tai Chi classes for about 16 months and I can really recommend it to anybody looking for some relaxation and inner peace...
After a stressfull day at work or a busy day at home with my gorgous children, I love the energising feeling of Qigong followed by continuous practice in Tai Chi movements which Great Grand Master Kellen Chia is teaching in a very meticulous, passionate but relaxing way. It s truly beneficial for body and soul!

Dr Christiane Mayer, F.R.A.N.Z.C.O.G

Tai Chi and Qigong Courses in Sydney

We have courses for all levels of ability in Tai Chi and Qigong. The courses start regularly for novices and beginners in many suburbs in Sydney. Tai Chi Society teaches both Tai Chi and Qigong together in the one class. Also, Tai Chi Society offers a meditation course based on Qigong.
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Tai Chi Sydney Instructor Course

We offer a certified combined Tai Chi and Qigong instructor course, and separate Tai Chi and Qigong instructor courses. All courses are held at our Tai Chi Sydney branches.

You don t have to be a Tai Chi Society member or student to enrol in the Tai Chi and Qigong instructor course.
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Tai Chi Sydney Workshops

This workshop in Tai Chi is a must do for serious students. If you have been learning Tai Chi at Tai Chi Society for about four months or longer then you are eligible to enrol in one of the Tai Chi workshops which are conducted at various suburbs in Sydney.
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Tai Chi Sydney Refinement Classes

The refinement class in Tai Chi is highly recommended for students who have been learning Tai Chi with us for at least four weeks. Tai Chi refinement classes are likely held in your area of Sydney, and are offered every twelve weeks.
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Tai Chi Sydney Events

Tai Chi Society conducts free Tai Chi lessons and demonstrations regularly for the public at shopping centres and other public venues. These free Tai Chi Sydney events for the public are paid for by the corporations.
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Tai Chi Sydney City / CBD

This Tai Chi page for Tai Chi Society's classes in City of Sydney provides more information.
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Tai Chi Sydney Parks

Tai Chi lessons and demonstrations are conducted regularly on the weekends by Tai Chi Society in the parks in various suburbs of Sydney. Some of these Tai Chi events are a Tai Chi introduction lesson for novices, and other Tai Chi events in the parks are for all levels.
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Tai Chi Sydney Summary

The summary about Tai Chi classes is contained on this page
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Tai Chi Society, Sydney

Tai Chi -- Inner West, Eastern suburbs, Western Suburbs, Hills District area, Northern Beaches, North Shore, and city CBD. Tai Chi beginners classes are on during the day, evenings, or weekends.