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Tai Chi DVD/USB & Medical Qigong DVDs/USBs

Tai Chi DVD/USB Tai Chi Flowing Vital Energy DVD/USB is an easy-to-follow and detailed instruction for beginners that include a mirror-view demonstration helpful for practice. The DVD/USB introduces the first part of a three part series of Tai Chi as practised by Tai Chi Society. Developed for maximum health benefits, regular practice results in a relaxed, healthy and energised body and mind. The movements activate and enhance the acupuncture meridians throughout the body because they are in harmony with the natural energy flow. Everyone who practises this Tai Chi regularly testifies to improved health and wellbeing and increased energy.

Duration: 46 minutes.

Medical Qigong DVD/USB. Twelve Wonders Qigong has never been released on DVD/USB, and video before. This is the first time it has been made available to the public by Tai Chi society.Twelve Wonders Qigong/Chi Kung based on traditional Chinese medicine increases vital energy which flow through the channels in the body. Its flowing and relaxing movements improve the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. Also its gentle stretching technique makes the tendons and ligaments elastic, lubricates the joints, strengthens the muscles and internal organs, and improves the musculoskeletal system. Twelve Wonders Qigong/Chi Kung is also greatly beneficial for arthritis and diabetes.

Duration: 29 minutes.

Medical Qigong DVD/USB. Ten Pinnacles Qigong works exceedingly on the vital energy, enhancing, balancing, and releasing blockages in the meridians of the body. It works on joints and self massages the internal organs. These ten exercises relax and rejuvenate your body, increase flexibility, and improve abdominal breathing and posture.Ten Pinnacles Qigong/Chi Kung is excellent for high and lower blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, and other medical conditions.

Duration: 21 minutes.

Medical Qigong DVD/USB. The practice of Nine Heavens Qigong builds up the power of the Chi, and refreshes and energizes the body's major organs; the soothing and enjoyable experience is one that can be repeated again and again. Nine Heavens Qigong - a thoroughly relaxing set of exercises - brings about tremendous flow of Chi throughout the entire body, unblocking and revitalising one's energy system. Excellent for the mind, body and spirit, Nine Heavens Qigong brings calm and harmony that fully deserves to be in one's life no matter how hectic it may seem.

Duration: 25 minutes.

Medical Qigong DVD/USB. The Immortal Ten Qigong are very energising and yet relaxing; they are fluid and very gentle which makes it suitable for all ages and conditions of fitness. They are highly beneficial for many medical conditions, including but not limited to arthritis, diabetes, fatigue, insomnia, hyper-tension, asthma and mental health. They are particularly powerful for improving the bodily circulations, helping all of the body's organs and the central nervous system.

Duration: 20 minutes.


The endorsements below are unedited; the original emails are available.

Kingsgrove, New South Wales

I would like to highly recommend the Tai Chi Society instructional DVD's as they are the best instruction on Tai Chi I have seen. Great Grand Master Kellen Chia breaks down each movement and demonstrates these in detail from a number of different perspectives. This allows the student to accurately assimilate the mechanics of each individual movement and then practise it context of the sequence as a whole. This wholistic sense is facilitated by the option to view the demonstrated sequence as a continuous flow which allows the student to get a sense of the timing and connectivity of the individual moves as they are put together.
Great Grand Master Kellen Chia is an excellent instructor that demonstrates Tai Chi in a very clear and precise way. As many Tai Chi practitioners would know, there are subtleties to correct Tai Chi practice involving weight shifts and synchronised movements that are essential for the correct flow of Chi around the body and I have found that these are accurately and meticulously presented throughout the instruction. I have been using these instructional DVD's for over a year and have been enjoying the ongoing benefits of the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. If you are thinking of buying an instructional Tai Chi DVD for home practice, be assured that the quality of these DVD's is outstanding.

Dana Pearse
Brisbane, Queensland

I bought the Qigong Twelve Wonders DVD for health reasons, to help to remove emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockages in my energy system. I have only watched the DVD a few times but have already noticed an improvement in my health and my outloook on life. I feel more energised but at the same time very relaxed and peaceful. The DVD is great because the movements are very easy to follow, the exercises are relaxing and I can watch the DVD in the privacy of my own home, without the need to go to classes. I would strongly recommend this DVD to people who are looking for improvements in their health and a more peaceful outlook in life.

Brooklyn, USA

I found both the Immortal Ten and the Nine Heavens DVD reward steady application and are a terrific basis for a daily qigong practice or even as a recuperative regimen. They have proved solidly reliable for me.

Brain tumours and Immortal Ten Qigong
Simon Watt
Clovelly, New South Wales

I have been practicing Immortal Ten Qigong, and Tai Chi since the beginning of 2013 with Tai Chi Society, and I get a lot of enjoyment and relaxation from the classes.

On 8th September, 2015, I suffered a seizure and was admitted to hospital.

Further investigations revealed that the seizure was probably due to a bleed in the brain caused by two calcified cavernomas. I have unknowingly been living with these "lesions" in my brain for quite some time with no symptoms.

When I had been taking the medication for two days I had an episode of hyperactivity which lasted about 3 hours. I felt like my mind was racing, I couldn't stop giggling, and I was extremely fidgety which made me want to dance. It was a pleasant experience at first, but after 3 hours I was getting very concerned. I decided to practice some Qigong in an attempt to centre my emotional state, and to my surprise, in less than two minutes of practicing Immortal Ten Qigong, my mood swang from high to low. I laid down on my hospital bed and cried for a couple of minutes.
read more

Steve Mehl
York, Pennsylvania, USA

Hello Grand Master Chia,
I have been involved with various subtle healing energy work for the past 40 years and I have been doing qigong for the past eight years, two -three times a day and I have tried at least fifteen different styles of qigong, some of which are well known for being very powerful. However, most methods take more time than I have to devote to doing them and some of them involve uncomfortable or even boring static, non-moving positions which I did not enjoy doing parts of them. So I then began seeking a style of qigong which would be very powerful but easy to learn and it would have flowing, gentle movements, and it would take not much time to do. I then found your Twelve Wonders, and The Immortal Ten Qigong to have all of those qualities that I was looking for and they turned out to be the most enjoyable qigong movements that I have ever done. I am actually disappointed when the sessions are finished.
Steve Mehl, M.A.
York, Pennsylvania

(feel free to use my whole name. I receive emails from people in different countries asking me my opinion about qigong methods and I have no need for privacy among the qigong community.)

Ed Cunningham
Castle Hill, New South Wales

I started Qigong with Tai Chi Society 6 months ago and have never felt better. I used to suffer anxiety that would prevent me from sleeping, the doctor said I need medication but I have proved him wrong. Simply by doing the Qigong from Great Grandmasterís 12 wonders and 10 pinnacles dvds every few days I have eliminated the medication. I am proof that the chi power that is developed with Great grandmasterís Qigong works. I feel great and the Qigong really does make you feel stronger, more relaxed and sleep better. Thank you Great Grandmaster Kellen Chia----Qigong for life!!! Ed Cunningham.

W Poulsen, Psychologist
Sydney, New South Wales

The detailed intricacy of it might be a little intimidating at first, but stick with it - health-wise, this is the best Tai Chi around. Give it time - it'll do wonders for you.

Bronwyn Neville
Roseville, New South Wales

To Kellen Chia
I found the Tai Chi DVD very easy to follow and will be helpful in my practice. I would recommend it. I also found Twelve Wonders Qigong DVD very good and easy to follow. Very Relaxing. Thank you.

Joseph Smith
Bondi, New South Wales

The Tai Chi Society's Tai Chi DVD is structured in a very clear and logical manner - each form is demonstrated with separate explanations of foot movements, weight distribution and hand movements - making even the most complicated forms easy to understand and remember. The additional footage on the DVD helped greatly with my understanding of how the individual forms flow together to make one unbroken sequence.

Nick K
Merrylands, New South Wales

Being a beginner in tai chi I realised that it is not an easy art to learn and execute accurately. After attending classes for two months I purchased the excellent Qigong and tai chi DVDs produced by grandmaster Kellen Chia. I was amazed at how the school instructors follow the same moves with virtually 100 percent accuracy. Not only that the instructors also offer a lot of feedback and correction. Because of that I can look at DVDs or other classes in tai chi and start to think about how I should be moving and pick up things I couldn't have without tai chi society classes. Excellent DVDs and classes along with all the health benefits tai chi provides.

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