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The Society
Tai Chi Society

Tai Chi Society based in Sydney, Australia teaches Tai Chi and Qigong/Chi Kung skills which will enliven your spirit.

The Society's Tai Chi and Qigong/Chi Kung Courses heal and revitalize the body and mind by focusing on postural alignment, correcting angles, straightening and relaxing the spine, centering the trunk, correcting rotational movements of the body, emphasizing lower and upper body coordination, to name but a few.

Furthermore, Tai Chi Society's special programs on Tai Chi and Qigong/Chi Kung help alleviate a wide range of health problems, including fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, high and low blood pressure, asthma, back pain, poor circulation, multiple sclerosis, digestive and nervous disorders, heart disease and other medical conditions.

In addition to teaching Tai Chi and other Qigong/Chi Kung movements, Tai Chi Society has invented and teaches its own unique series of Qigong movements. These have an extra degree of turning and stretching in each movement, placing the emphasis on health improvement. With regular practice, these movements produce profound health benefits on all systems, tissues and organs of the body. Also, they tremendously improve circulation, and help greatly to relieve tension in the mind and muscles. They also make the tendons and ligaments elastic, lubricate the joints, maintain bone density, and increase strength and flexibility. These unique series of Qigong/Chi Kung restore health and benefit the entire physiology of the body.

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