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Tai Chi Comments

Tai Chi and Qigong comments below are unedited; the originals are available.

Hello Grand Master Chia,
I have been involved with various subtle healing energy work for the past 40 years and I have been doing qigong for the past eight years, two -three times a day and I have tried at least fifteen different styles of qigong, some of which are well known for being very powerful. However, most methods take more time than I have to devote to doing them and some of them involve uncomfortable or even boring static, non-moving positions which I did not enjoy doing parts of them. So I then began seeking a style of qigong which would be very powerful but easy to learn and it would have flowing, gentle movements, and it would take not much time to do. I then found your Twelve Wonders, and The Immortal Ten Qigong to have all of those qualities that I was looking for and they turned out to be the most enjoyable qigong movements that I have ever done. I am actually disappointed when the sessions are finished.
Steve Mehl, M.A.
York, Pennsylvania

(feel free to use my whole name. I receive emails from people in different countries asking me my opinion about qigong methods and I have no need for privacy among the qigong community.)

Hello Grandmaster Chia, No misunderstanding about the Nine Heavens. I considered that you have recommended that dvd because it is powerful. At no time did I think you were saying I should buy it. Today I placed my hand lightly on my girlfriend's back for a second and she said it felt good so I then placed my hands about 4 inches above her lower back without touching her and I could feel this noticeable energy coming from my hands even though I was not trying to intentionally emit any healing energy to her. She could feel the energy too. Do you think this happened because of the accumulated chi from having done the 12 Wonders for several weeks and now the Immortal Ten for a few days?

Thank you Grand Master Chia for the prompt delivery of the Immortal Ten which arrived yesterday and I enjoyed doing them last night for the first time. This morning I had a session with one of my 2 medical clairvoyants and I had her test the Immortal Ten. She excitedly remarked, "Those are extremely powerful for you! They test on a scale of 1 to 10, as 10 positive and 0 negative."
I enjoy doing the Savant Releases the Birds from the 12 Wonders so I will add that one to the Immortal Ten.

Thank you Grand Master Chia, This is good to know. I have had tried many different Qigong methods over the last 8 years but I enjoy doing yours the most so I am sure I will be ordering the Nine Heavens when I get back home on Monday. Today after the Immortal Ten I just stood still, sensing and letting the chi circulate and I could feel it strongly in my hands and in my back. I just let it integrate for at least a minute like that.

Hello Grandmaster Chia, Today I had a session with my main medical clairvoyant. This is not the same person who proclaimed how powerful the Immortal Ten would be for me. This main medical clairvoyant is much more gifted than the female clairvoyant. Today he tested the Immortal Ten for me and told me that it has something like a Devanic Intelligence which allows the energy to go directly to the areas that need healing. He saw it working at this time on my pituitary gland, my second chakra and my throat chakra. Devanic Intelligence is a term he uses because he works from the Vedic approach of ancient India so he thinks in those terms. Deva means Light Being/Intelligence in sanskrit. Perhaps in TCM this would be like Heaven? I am not sure about that. But I am pleased about what he saw Immortal Ten doing. He has the gift of sight which allows to literally see into the body just by using the name of anything. Since it is working on the pituitary gland he believes it must also be helping the entire endocrine system and we know the endocrine system is connected to the chakras, etc.

Thank you Master Kellen Chia for your "Internal Principles" article!

Thank you so much Grandmaster Chia for publishing your "Internal Principles" article. You really cover so many "Master Keys" to understanding in such a succinct manner. I have been studying/practicing for many years, and so much of what you say resonates very strongly for me. Just recently some much greater level of integration has occurred. It just occurred. As does my practice. I "do" nothing. It all just happens spontaneously, as you say. My body now effortlessly moves like a system of planetary gears. It feels so nice, and so healthy! The mind is sublimated in the natural state of Self without self. The form plays itself. All movement begins with wind arising in the unmoving silent stillness of space. Of course I am sure I am still just scratching the surface... When I stumbled on your site I right away thought of coming to meet you, but I am here in the U. S. and you are very far away. Alas, I am a man of humble means, and I work 12 hours a day in a gas plant just to be able to keep a roof over my head. Should you ever be doing a workshop or something in the Connecticut/New York City area please let me know. Otherwise if I win the lottery I'll come to see you! Thank you for keeping the "Supreme Ultimate" in Tai Chi...;o)

Best, Robert F.


I read the articles posted on your page The Correct Internal Principles of Tai Chi http://www.taichisociety.net/taichi-principles.html , Nei Jin ( Internal Power ) http://www.taichisociety.net/nei-jin-tai-chi-internal-power.html and I think they are pure gold!

Would you happen to know anyone in Mexico that has this knowledge? or do you travel around giving seminars?


I trained with Great Grandmaster Chia tonight, it was freezing and all he had on was a thin shirt, he had steam coming off his shirt, the Qi Gong made him hot and the rest of us were wearing jumpers. I want to be able to thermogenically warm up like that!!!!

Ed Cunningham
This post is taken from Facebook

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