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Tai Chi Stroke Survivor

Tai Chi stroke survivor's testimonial below is unedited; the original letter is available.

11 August 2010

Dear Kellen,

I felt that I must write to let you know how grateful we are to you at the dedication and patience you have shown in teaching my husband Qigong. You have not only helped him regain his balance and overall health but took the trouble to asses his medical condition and to prescribe the Twelve Wonders Qigong and Nine Heavens Qigong to achieve these results.
As you know it was 1 year after my husband George suffered a stroke that the specialist at St. Vincents Hospital suggested that he should try Tai Chi which had helped other stroke patients to improve their balance.
After contacting you and explaining the situation as you will remember, you agreed to come to our home and give George the benefit of private lessons and on the 30th April 2010 George had his first lesson. You will remember that at the start George had several problems. His balance was the main problem as he always pulled to the right when walking. Also both hips were stiff when walking and the muscles in his legs felt like steel. Apart from that he had the feeling of hot needles piercing around his right eye several times a day and some trouble when swallowing. This all caused him some depression.
However after twelve sessions and practicing himself every day at home, George regained his balance and the hot needles piercing around his eye had completely gone. Apart from Qigong, George's only other exercise was walking; he stopped having physio since starting Qigong.
As you know it is now just over three months ( 22 sessions ) and George has recovered. There is no pulling to the right when walking and the stiffness on the hips and legs have gone except when it is hilly and after he has been walking for 20 minutes he can still feel a little stiff on the lower right leg. Also his swallowing problems have gone. George's general health has improved and all of his friends at the tennis club have commented how much healthier he looks.
I want to thank you for helping George regain his health and Qigong and Tai Chi will always now be an important part of our lives.
Once again our sincerest thanks.
Hannah & George P.

Tai Chi for a stroke survivor

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