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Tai Chi Arthritis

Testimonial on Tai Chi and Qigong for chronic arthritis

The following testimonial, about Tai Chi and its efficacy for treating arthritis, is written by a young female who until recently was at her wits end in managing her chronic osteoarthritis. She had tried many various treatments in her eight-year search, having given up hope because of their limited effects, she fortunately gave Tai Chi a go. To her great surprise and relief, within three months of daily practice the arthritis in her hips was entirely cured, with not a single recurrence. This is the testimonial she wrote one year on -- Tai Chi Arthritis Testimonial

Tai Chi Arthritis Article

This article concerns Tai Chi and its particular benefits for arthritis sufferers. Great Grand Master Kellen Chia, founder of the Tai Chi Society and a renowned practitioner of this ancient art, has taught Tai Chi to thousands of students over two decades bringing relief to many with medical ailments. In this article he details how Tai Chi therapy, with regular practice, can greatly alleviate and treat the chronic and sometimes debilitating symptoms of arthritis -- Tai Chi Arthritis Article

A stroke survivor's testimonial...read more

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